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Blockhut sells Munt generated by the blockchain or donated for development. Donate for development: GWx9vG39ncdcLorJfPx6Sxbcwe3Zxjunyr

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Current rate = Bittrex + 2% fee. The rate is updated once every minute and the final rate is determined when you place an order. (Centure B.V.). processes you personal data by using our services and/or because you provided us with your personal data (Email address, IP address, Location data, Data about your activities on our website, Internet browser and device type). We do that to be able to e-mail in connection with our service and so that you can purchase cryptocurrency on our site. will not store your personal data longer than strictly necessary. provides information in connection with our agreement or to comply with a legal obligation. takes appropriate measures to prevent and avoid abuse, loss, unauthorized access, unwanted disclosure and unauthorized changes. (Centure B.V.) uses functional, analytical and tracking cookies. uses cookies with technical functionality only. These cookies make sure that the website works properly and that your preferences can be stored. These cookies will also be used to optimize the website. We also place cookies to follow your surfing behavior so we can offer custom content where appropiate. There are also third party cookies placed and active on this website.