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Minimum order size: 1000 NLG; maximum order size: 25000 NLG.

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Blockhut sells Gulden generated by the blockchain or donated for development. Donate for development: GWx9vG39ncdcLorJfPx6Sxbcwe3Zxjunyr

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Current rate = Bittrex + 2% fee. The rate is updated once every minute and the final rate is determined when you place an order.

What supporters say

When Gulden gets famous too it will hit the sky so be prepared

The price can\'t keep plummeting; Gulden needs to find institutional support!

Let\'s get Gulden\'s price secured over 1 cent team!

Can\'t wait for the DEX build on the Gulden blockchain!

Buying back my own Gulden I used for buying NOVO Currency to prevent market sell

Folgt My CryptoGulden auf Youtube,Instagramm und Twitter